Photo: Crazy Sunday afternoon with Hurricane of Hearts :) Jeszcze raz dzieki dziewczyny za fajnie spedzony czas i dobra zabawe :)

We love photographing ourselves and when we love something we just do it  That’s why on the 18th of August 2013 we got together for another exciting project.

Our lovely team included two photographers: Pawel Fesyk, Mariusz Lewandowski and 6 beautiful models: Dagmara Chmielewska, Ewa Strak, Beata Ankowska, Renata Zubek, Zuzia Podemska and Agnieszka Koba. We were also honoured by the presence of our handsome chairman, Jake Smolarek, who was posing with us.

The girls had spectacular make up thanks to our stylist Beata Ankowska. It is thanks to Beata’s creativity that we dressed up in fashionable red dresses which from now one will be our trade mark 🙂 However it wasn’t the end of the session. Actually it was just begining!!!
Whatever next? Wedding dresses! Who said that to have your special day, you have to get married?? In FunLifeWorld it is enough to have crazy friends and a little bit of imagination  Fortunately we were blessed with both 

It was an extraordinary day! Glorified in our beautiful dresses with additional gadgets such as boots, guitars, swimming masks and boxing gloves, we have become the main attraction of the area! Klaxons were tooting, people were whistling – many of them insisted on taking a photo with us There was a great energy, lots of laughs and an unforgettable time among the best friends in the world at Hurricane of Hearts!
It is also worth mentioning that our splendid outfits were lent to us by The Bridal Gallery – the place where every bride can find an amazing dress to shine on their special day.

Thank you Pawel Fesyk and Mariusz Lewandowski for being a part of this event. This day wouldn’t have been the same without your wonderful sense of humor and professional approach. Thanks to you and your cameras we will keep the memories of this day forever!!!