Hurricane of Hearts is an organization which has two main purposes:

1. Organizing charity concerts for the purchase of medical equipment for children’s hospitals.

2. Building a bridge between Polish, British and American communities.

We are associated with:

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity” came to us from Poland and is focused on the Polish community, however the 971408_597692180281372_1346132616_n 2concerts are in English and therefore they are directed to an international audience. Our winter events (happening always in the second Sunday of January) create a warm and friendly atmosphere where people generously fill our heartshaped cans to help ill children in Poland.


HOH Logo Circle FinalThe name Hurricane of Hearts – it origins from the name of Hawker Hurricane aircraft which Polish pilots flew during the Battle of Britain. Despite the larger size and greater gravity than other war planes Poles fought bravely for the victo ry of air combat. We became heroes of those times. For us today, hurricane is a symbol of bringing love, happiness and peace. Thanks to the airspace we build an agreement between Polish and British community.


Squadron 303 – 303 Fighter Squadron (Named after Tadeusz Kosciuszko) was one of 16 Polish Squadrons inthe Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War. It was the highest scoring of these 16 Polish-manned RAF Squadrons during the Battle of Britain. The Squadron was named after the Polish and US hero – Genebattle-of-britain-300x300 2ral Tadeusz Kosciuszko, and the eponymous Polish 7th Air Escadrille founded by Merian C. Cooper who served Poland in the 1919-1921 Polish – Soviet War. Squadron no. 303 was formed in July 1940 in Blackpool, Britain before the deployment to RAF Northolt on the 2nd of August as part of an agreement between the Polish Government in Exile and the United Kingdom. It had a distinguished combat record and was disbanded in December 1946. Arkady Fielder wrote about Squadrons heroic deeds in his book called ‘Squadron 303’. As an organization Hurricane of Hearts took part in the direct production actions of this project.


Battle of Britain – During the Battle of Britain, Squadron no. 303 was equipped with Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft. Manned by experienced veterans, equipped with a fighter on a technical part with most of its opponents and expertly backed by the well-established RAF command, communication and logistics infra303_Polish_Fighter_Squadron_Badge 2structure, the squadron was able to become an effective fighting force during the Battle. After a period of training, on 24th of August 1940, the squadron was scrambled for the first time, although it did not come into contact with any enemy’s aircraft. Witold Urbanowicz was the commander of Squadron 303. After the war, W. Churchill said: Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.


King Kong – is the official patron of Hurricane of Hearts. King Kong’s history is associated with an historical fact. Hurricane of Hearts maintains the tradition of pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain, mainly the Squadron 303, with whom Merian C. Cooper was directly related to. He founded and named it Kosciuszko Squadron. An American – filmmaker, director and screenwriter, as well as Brigadier General of US Army, and lieutoriginal_king-kong-1933-film-printenant colonel pilot of the Polish Army, serving in the Polish Air Force during 1919-1920 Polish- Bolshevik war, the organizer of the Kosciuszko Squadron, father of Maciej S?omczy?ski. His most famous movie was the King Kong (1933). M. Cooper befriended with Squadron 303 and organized humanitarian and social actions in favour of Poland. Therefore today want to sustain his and his loudest character in the film.