15th of October 2013 during the game Poland v England at Wembley stadium Hurricane of Hearts rolled out over the heads of the public a big red and white chequered flag. This flag is a symbol of the Polish airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War in 1940. A Football match of those two teams was the perfect opportunity to remind us those events.

The name of our organisation – Hurricane of Hearts has its origin in the British Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft which was used by Polish pilots during mentioned battle.

We have created an English language website: www.Poland-England-together.org where our audience were able to find information about the latest common history of both nations. The Battle of Britain, breaking the Enigma codes, the Battle of the Atlantic and Battle of Monte Cassino. These are the events where Poland and England despite their differences managed to stand up to fight side by side in the name of higher values such as freedom of the two countries and the whole of Europe.

The idea of the project was to remind British and Polish citizens about our cooperation during the Second World War in order to create better understanding, respect and strong bounds of friendship between those two nations.