Get Inspired Academy is a project in which every year a group of young people from one of the countries participate in a week long inspirational workshop in London, some of the topics include: media, business, photography, carnival arts, culture, sport etc. During that time they learn to look at their life from a different perspective; they meet with people who have achieved success and are eager to share their experiences and knowledge with them; throughout the week they have an ongoing task to complete which gives them necessary skills to follow their dreams. After the workshop, Hurricane of Hearts stay in touch with all participants in order to monitor their progress, provide mentoring and help to overcome obstacles. There is also special network which helps them to communicate with each other, so they can share the ideas and create new international friendships.

To collect the funds for the project Hurricane of Hearts is hosting two charity events per year – FunLifeConcerts.

The project is supported by journalists from FunLifeTV.