The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is one of the biggest charities in Poland. It has existed for over 20 years and was founded by Jerzy Owsiak in 1993.

Every second Sunday of January each Polish city organizes a huge music event to raise money for hospital equipment. Thousands of volunteers across thecountry help to make it happened. Many Polish artists participate andsupport this beautiful idea.

Three years ago Hurricane of Heart decided to join this fantastic event and organize concerts for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London. Dagmara Chmielewska – the founder of HoH went to Poland to learn how the GOCC works. Half a year later she invited legendary Jurek Owsiak to the capital of England; and this is how we created The Polish-British Stop. The concert was a great success. The star of the evening – Enej made everybody dance and sing till the late hours. The presence of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity’s charismatic leader added to the flavor to this event.
In the following years Hurricane of Hearts organized two more concerts for the GOCC: XX and XXI Great Finale. We were honored by hosting the main stars of he Woodstock Festival in Poland ( Michal Jelonek and My Riot). We collected £8,882.13 in January 2012, £22,846.49 in January 2013, £27,193.42 in January 2014, £31,604.36 in January 2015 and £40,318.09 in January 2016. Year upon year our event has been attracting more and more audiences. Regardless of the fact that GOCC is a Polish organization our concerts are fully in English language. We love the idea of sharing all the positive energy of that day with our British friends.