Monika Gor11303644_866599526757019_903289533_n 2ska – Coordinator of the annual GOCC event. Responsible for administrating and accounting in Hurricane of Hearts. Managing a team of volunteers and monitoring all financial structures of the organization. During fundraising events she is responsible for the accounting team, which is responsible for accurate counting of the gathered money. She is the owner of an accounting company: London Business Solution  


Marcin Wojdak – Graphic designer. Responsible for the graphics in Hurricane of Hearts. All works related to projects, events and decorations are all his ideas. He took part in the programme Get Inspired Academy.  



Patrycja Bialodrzewska – Event Manager. Well organized and a wonderful team leader. Gaining the respect of all her colleagues through calmness and wise team management. Very good strategist. Responsible for the programme part of the events.  

Dagmara Mielnik – Volunteer Coordinator – For the past 5 years she had been regularly looking after volunteers. Great at coordinating the work of 300 people. Responsible for volunteer registration, logical settings of volunteer’s and looking after them.  

Marcin Podlasinski – IT Expert. He is managing Hurricane of Hearts website. Introduces corrections and ensures that it is working well for us and others.


Damdamian marcinkiewiczian Marcinkiewicz – Specialist of internet solutions and multimedia. Great coordinator of technical equipment and logistic solutions.  




Ddiana skwarczowskaiana Skwarczowska – Dagmara’s assistant. Responsible for translations of texts, contact with different institutions and people interested in Hurricane of Hearts. Often takes care of most of responsibilities and organisational tasks.  



MGrzegorz Szymczykichal Reimer – Translator of all official and institutional texts. Krzysztof Podemski – Handyman of all important matters. Great father and the guardian of all members and volunteers in Hurricane of Hearts.