We are approaching the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which united British and Polish soldiers in the fight against the common Nazi enemy. Air battle between the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the German Luftwaffe was crucial to the success of further military operations against the Third Reich. Invaluable merits are of our heroic pilots who were famous for great courage, commitment and remarkable effectiveness in the combat.

September 15th is an important date for Poles living in the UK. This is the moment when we remember our airmen with pride.

For the second time there is a possibility that we manifest our pride.

From 10th of September, 2016 on the initiative of the association of Hurricane Hearts (HoH), you will be able to find a label with the model red and white checkerboard in Polish shops, service establishments and institutions. This sign is a symbol of Polish pilots who fought in the ranks of the RAF to defend the borders of our ally – Britain.

By affixing a sticker in a prominent place we will have the opportunity to pay tribute to this wonderful people who directly influenced the fate of the Second World War, and to start talking about these events.

Recently many people are talking about the immigration in the UK, its importance and impact on quality of life. This is a great time for us to remind that without the Poles, their courage and dedication, England which we know could not exist. By affixing a sticker we create the possibility to provoke conversations about the key issues for our existence here. We live, we work, we pay taxes in this country and we want it developed and flourished with our help. 76 years ago, the Poles came to England and fought arm in arm with the British in defense of England and the whole of free Europe, to create a future of which we are a part. Let’s give this beautiful story the opportunity to be once again recalled and assessed accordingly by contemporaries.

This is not the first such initiative of the London organization of Hurricane Hearts. In October 2013 the memory of the Polish pilots has been recalled during the Poland-England match at Wembley through the gigantic flag with red and white checkerboard. HoH has been involved in improving Polish-British relations. The latest project, in which members are involved is production of a film telling the stories of our brave airmen of 303 Squadron. First time sticker was printed in 2015. There were 50 thousand of them. This year, Motion Signs printed as many as 100 thousand stickers.

The project was made possible thanks to the main sponsor of Motion Signs Ltd, of which the Hurricane of Hearts has the honor to work for years on a number of actions.