Jerzy Owsiak

1President and founder of the Foundation of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. For twenty years he hosting final concerts of WOSP in which are collected the money for the protection of children’s health in Poland. It inspires people of all ages to provide assistance, among others by the Peace Patrol. The creator of one of the biggest regular events Woodstock. Being the CEO of “Golden Melon”. Jerzy Owsiak is also a radio and television journalist. Arrives to London on the invitation DCh Art & Business Events Management to promote XX Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, help in the organizational processes and meetings with people who are willing to act on the WOSP. Jurek Owsiak will reflect on the form of cooperation with the Embassy of Poland in London.

Elektryczne Gitary

elektryczne-gitaryElektryczne gitary is a rock band formed in 1989. The band was founded by Rafał Kwaśniewski, Piotr Łojek and Kuba Sienkiewicz. Most of the songs performed by Elektryczne Gitary were written by their vocalist Kuba Sienkiewicz. The unforgettable hits, among others are: Dzieci, Włosy, Człowiek z liściem, To już jest koniec. The band is famous for their unique, abstract, somewhat absurd sense of humour. Their characteristic lyrics conquered hearts of the audience in 90s.


lipaliLipali represents the genre of alternative rock. The band was formed in 2000, originally as a solo project of Tomasz Lipnicki. In 2003 drummer Łukasz Jeleniewski and bassist Adrian Kulik joined the band, in 2015, Roman Bereźnicki – vocals, guitar, keyboards. Upadam, Kawy dwie, Chłopcy are some of their most popular songs. Lipali have been supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for many years. At the end of December 2012, the song Najgroźniejsze zwierzę świata became an official anthem of the 21st Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Gabriel Fleszar



Gabriel Fleszar became famous in the late 90s with the song Kroplą deszczu. At that time, you could see his poster on the walls of many teenage girls’ rooms. He also starred in the film directed by Boguslaw Linda Sezon na leszcza. After a few years’ break in 2011 he took part in the program The Voice of Poland where he performed in Nergal’s team. Today, Gabriel is working on new projects, since 2011 he is cooperating with the band Candida.

Nika Boon

nika-boonNika Boon is a singer and songwriter of Polish origin settled in London. She studied music at the University of Westminster. The winner of the first season of program Szansa na sukces in 1994. Nika is currently recording her third album. This talented singer has for many years been cooperating with the London branch of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. So far, she performed for GOCC London together with stars such as Myslowitz or Big Cyc. Her performance was also used as background music to the Light to Heaven at GOCC concert in 2015.

Aleks Gala

alex-galaAleks (Ola) Gala is born in Wroclaw teenage composer and singer who has lived in London for over 10 years. Aleks Gala has performed in clubs all around London, Birmingham and Hull (GOCC). She was also involved in a charity concert for the Polish Paralympic athlete Janusz Rokicki. This young artist collected over a thousand pounds needed for a wheelchair. Ola is currently working on her first album, to be released in summer 2017.

Agata Młynarska

agata-mlynarskaAgata Młynarska – journalist, producer, host and TV presenter. She graduated from the faculty of Polish Studies at Warsaw University. She was with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity from its early beginning. Together with Jurek Owsiak she co-created TV program Róbta co chceta. She was honoured by the Order Uśmiechu. Agata is an honorary ambassador of the Foundation Przyjaciółka and Dziecięca fantazja, which she supports actively from 2004.

Natalia Janoszek

natalia-janoszekNatalia Janoszek is the first Polish actress playing in both Bollywood and Hollywood productions. She began her adventure with stage already as a child by participating in the international dance festivals around the world. She also achieved success in many beauty contests. Natalia is a finalist of the Supermodel International 2012 and Miss Bikini Universe 2013. Natalia currently study International Business Program at the University of Warsaw.

Martin Fitch

martin-fitchMarcin Mroziński (Martin Fitch) is an artist of many talents. So far, he became known to the wider audience as an actor, singer and television presenter. He represented Poland in the 55th Eurovision Song Contest in 2010. He was also the winner of the Szansa na sukces and was a semi-finalist at the third edition of Polish Idol. For four years, he worked at the TV program Songowanie na ekranie in TVP1. In summer 2011 he went to London where he records material for his debut album. In April 2016, he released his new single Dzieli nas.

Maciej Pol

maciej-polMaciej Pol is one of the most popular Polish magicians. A winner of many international illusion art festivals, appears at prestigious theatres and concert halls all over the world. Since 1985, he is a full-fledged member of the National Illusionists Club in Lodz. Winner of the Grand Prix at the Festival in Żelezny Brod and the Grand Prix at the biggest Festival of the Illusion Art in Prague. In 1995, with the Poznańskie Stowarzyszenie Sportowe Start he began a project, allowing disabled children to learn simple magic tricks that improve efficiency and coordination of their hands.

Mariusz Kałamaga

mariusz-kalamagaMariusz Kałamaga is a Polish cabaret artist and TV presenter. He gained popularity as a member and leader of cabaret Łowcy.B. Since 2008, he has often appeared on the screen as a co-host of TV programs such as Piotr Bałtroczyk na żywo, Tylko nas dwoje, Zabij mnie śmiechem. He appeared at our GOCC stage during the 22nd Grand Finale where he performed as a member of the band Ja mmm chyba ściebie.

Kasia Madera

kasia-maderaKasia Madera is a British journalist and BBC television news presenter with Polish roots. Kasia is an active member of London’s Polish Community. She was honoured for her work in promoting Polish culture by being given the Maciej Płaźyński International Journalism Award. At the Polish Embassy in London, Kasia was named as the Honorary Ambassador of Polish Women in the UK. She is always happy to support the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London.



MyslovitzMyslovitz is one of the most important bands on the Polish music scene, they joined psychedelic, powerful, rock sound with nice melodies.


Tabu zespółTabu team was established in 2003 on the initiative of Rafal Karwot and Marcin Suchy.

Nocny Kochanek

Nocny KochanekPolish Heavy metal! With balls!

Nocny Kochanek is one of the few Polish metal bands whose music, and above all the accompanying texts, create a huge distance to ourselves and to the image usually associated

November 6, 2015 saw the release of the band’s latest release. The album is titled Hewi Metal and contains 10 compositions bearing the Polish texts written with cheek. Their music will be interest fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween and Black Sabbath. Band feels great on stage and makes great concert performances.

Daxx & Roxane

Daxx and RoxanneScreeching guitars and soaring vocals, Daxx & Roxane is outright raw Hard Rock. Hailing from Montreux, Switzerland, the band roots itself in the old school rock and metal of the likes of Motörhead, Iron Maiden and Deep Purple.


Anna Jurksztowicz










Ewa Mielnicka













Jarosław Kret









Mateusz Szymkowiak

Mateusz Szymkowiak










1A heavy metal band founded in 1985 in Poland – the name of the band comes from the song “Die Hard The Hunter” by Def Leppard. Many of their songs are written in English often featuring the topics of war and social injustice. So far they have released four critically acclaimed studio albums, and even hosted their own festival in the years 2004-2009, having featured acts such as: Testament, Motorhead, Sepultura, Fear Factory, Napalm Death and Behemoth.

Big Cyc

1Rock band formed in 1988, well known in Poland for their controversial behaviour – the cover of their first album, “Z partyjnym pozdrowieniem” (Polish for “With a Party Greeting”), was an image of Vladimir Lenin with a Mohawk. The title of their second album, “Nie wierzcie elektrykom” (“Don’t Trust Electricians”) refers to the Polish president Lech Wałęsa, an electrician by education. Their fourth album cover, “Wojna plemników” (“War of Sperm”) featured a nun drying condoms on a clothes line. Successive songs and albums of Big Cyc took a sarcastic look on the reality of Polish politics and people. Often in ironic manner, the songs expose issues like problems of Polish youth, economic disproportions, drug addiction, or silliness of TV commercials, contained hilarious poetics mocking the atmosphere of the late PRL, precisely stigmatizing Polish reality. The band celebrated their 25th anniversary at the 19th Woodstock Festival Poland in 2013.

Czarno Czarni

1A swing rock band formed in 1996, whose members originate from the band Big Cyc. Their lyrics are largely based on verbal cosmism and pastiche. The band performed all over Poland as well as New York ,Chicago, London and Brussels.


1Polish metal band founded in 1997. Their beginnings consisted of singing to music by bands such as System of a Down, Machine Head and Nirvana, adding their own absurd lyrics. The band does not have a signed contract and acts independently. So far, Kabanos performed at Woodstock Festival Poland 3 times, fist at the Small Stage (2012), then at the Main Stage (2013, after having won the audience’s award, The Golden Spinning Top) and at the Krishna Stage (2014), setting a new record for the longest performance, at 2 hours and 55 minutes.


1Although the band was formed over 20 years ago, they reactivated last year, performing in their current —- since February. So far, from the post show opinions their defining characteristics are crushing guitar sounds and incredible punctuality of the rhythm section. They would like to invite you for a trip down Memory Lane into the years of good old Hard Rock, playing covers of Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, Cream, Glen Hughes, Clapton, Nalepe, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, After Blues, Felician Andrzejczak, Dżem and so on…

Ruth Lorezno

Ruth LorenzoFor the girl that is remembered for singing “Purple Rain” on X Factor the journey has truly been varied.
Since finishing 5th place on the number 1 ITV show, Ruth signed a world wide record deal which has given her time to develop wisely her craft of song writing.
In 2014 Ruth represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Dancing In The Rain”. The song finished 10th overall. In love with classical music, she has an outstanding opera vocal range. A truly raw talent that adds to the passion and power of a vocalist that is not afraid to be a bit rock & roll. Born to be on stage, the minute she steps under the light she becomes a siren that will lure away every sailor onto the rocks. Her exceptional vocal ability, Spanish roots and great stage presence are the perfect combination for an artist that once you see you will never forget. Ruth represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with the song “Dancing In The Rain”. The song finished 10th overall.

Joseph Whelan

Joseph WhelanJoseph Whelan is one of those very rare things in the music world, a natural talent as a singer, songwriter and virtuoso guitar player. He wrote and recorded a single, ‘I Lie Lonely’ which went straight to number 1 on the Official Chart Companies’ Rock Singles Chart and entered at number 3 on the Independent Chart. This caused quite a stir, particularly as it was achieved without any radio play or media coverage. Joseph was also invited back onto the X Factor this year and is once again wowed both the audience and the judges. He went through bootcamp and made it as far as Sharon Osbourne’s house. Joseph’s debut album ‘The Kontrast’ is now released and he is the subject of major label interest.

Stacey Jackson

Stacey JacksonStacey Jackson, is a Canadian-American singer and Executive Producer at 3B1G Records. She has entered at number 8 with ‘Pointing Fingers’ in the Pop Charts UK, and number 21 on the American Billboard Dance Chart. Her career has seen the release of two albums and six independent singles. Album “Upside Down” was released in October 2009 and is a collection of remixed Motown covers, some of which feature children who have previously performed at Music For Youth’s Schools Proms. All profits from the sales of “Upside Down” went to Music For Youth. She has six top 10 UK club chart hits and a single with Snoop Dogg.

Next of Kin

nextofkinNext of Kin are an English pop rock band from Braintree, Essex, comprising brothers Nathan (drums), Mark (guitar) and Kieran Bass (bass guitar).

The band was discovered when the brothers visited the Musical Exchanges music shop in Birmingham, after an event at the nearby NEC had been cancelled. Shop owner Gary Chapman was impressed by Mark’s guitar playing and put them in touch with manager Ian Allen. They were signed by Allen and to former Spice Girls-manager Simon Fuller’s 19 Productions, and signed a record deal with Universal Records. They played on the Smash Hits tour in 1998 and supported Boyzone on their UK tour in 1999. Their most notable single was “24 Hours from You”, which was co-written by Gary Stevenson of Go West, and helped by a promotional video shot in South Africa, and an appearance on the ITV television show Mad for It. It reached number 13 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1999, and their follow-up release, “More Love”, peaked at number 33 in June that year.

At the time of their first single they received comparisons with Hanson, with their ages ranging from 13 to 18 when they broke through in 1999.

In 2012 the brothers went to Los Angeles to record with Hollywood actor Stephen Dorff and his Composer/Producer father Steve Dorff, who has written and produced for many high profile acts over his career with the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, George Straight, Bill Medley, Christopher Cross and many others. Next of Kin recorded there album at NRG studios in California, with some notable musicians to record along with the brothers (John JR Robinson, drums; Leland Sklar, bass; Michael Landau, guitar; George Deoring, acoustic guitar).

James Michael

jamesmichaelJames Michael (born James Michael Stillings; February 1991 Liverpool, Merseyside) is from Widnes, Cheshire. The unemployed singer taught himself a few songs on guitar while job-hunting after finishing school at 16. He describes himself as “not academic” but realised he had a love for music and went to college to study music technology. He sang “Ticket to Ride” and was the first in the boys’ category to be eliminated from the live shows on 9 October by decision of mentor Gary Barlow, as there was no public vote in the inaugural live show. After Frankie Cocozza was expelled from the show, the public voted for one act from the initial four eliminated from the first live show to replace him, but Michael lost out to Amelia Lily. The Liverpool Echo reported in early 2012 that Michael was recording material for an album. Since leaving The X Factor, Michael has been taking an interest in modelling and has done many photoshoots since.


VanquishThese four girls (18 to 22 years old) blow away any preconceived girl-band stereotypes with four individual great voices hypnotising harmonies, and energetic, dynamic performances. Vanquish are putting the fun into pop, and with personality to spare. Since July the girls have already performed to crowds of thousands across the UK, supporting acts such as Amelia Lily, Loveable Rogues, Blue and M.A.D and performing at numerous Pride and Christmas Light Switch-On events. Their single ‘Damn’ is set for release in March 2014, ahead of a summer single and an EP that will follow later that year. Vanquish have also become regulars on the live music scene – with tremendous audience reaction to the band’s high energy on-stage set and outstanding vocal abilities.


GTF 2014 (2)GTF (Got The Formula) are an East End singer, songwriter and rapper duo. Their sound can be described as high energy, urban dance with a touch of hip hop. The boys have a natural charm and affinity with their audience who not only likes the way they look and perform but also appreciate that they are blessed with really good voices. Following their first single release last summer of their unique version of the Fleetwood Mac classic ‘Everywhere’ which reached number 12 in the club charts, and had the full backing of Music Week in the ‘Taste Maker column, the boys are excited to announce their follow up single for this summer entitled ‘Mysterious Love’. They are are also proud to inform you that they will be supporting Connor Maynard, Miss Dynamite, Gabrielle, Eternal and the famous Jackson family.

Alla Sirenko

1 Alla Sirenko’s composition style has been described by critics as ‘magic realism’. She is one of the most prominent composers and pianists that emerged from Ukraine and her works have gained recognition in Europe and beyond. Alla was the first Ukrainian composer to be premièred at the Royal Opera House, through her opera-fantasy The Golden Penguin. She is composer in Residence for the Lviv Opera House in Ukraine, where her operas and ballets are part of their main repertoire for the next ten years. In addition, Alla continues to work for EMI Music Publishing and Warner Brothers as a film composer.
Her composition and performance of Ave Maria, especially commissioned for the late Pope’s visit to Ukraine, was televised to several million people around the world. Her Cantata for Peace for mixed choir and symphony orchestra, using five European languages, was commissioned for major European celebrations and became a pivotal point to her concert tour in France, a few years ago. Three films have been made about Alla and her music. The first was made for the Italian International Film Festival “La Donna in Musica” and was broadcast in Italy, Cannes, USA and Japan. Another two documentaries about her life and music have been made for the Central Ukrainian television. Alla’s other major works for the stage include the opera Verona (after Shakespeare) and the ballet The Little Prince (after Saint-Exupery). Orchestral works include a Mass dedicated to Dmitry Shostakovich and Spanish Suite dedicated to F.G. Lorca. Highlights of works for soloists and orchestra are The Pantheon Fantasy (piano) dedicated to the Heroes of the two World Wars and the song-cycle The Love of the Mermaid (soprano and narrator) after H.C. Andersen’s fairy-tale. Her latest commissions include Mosaics of the Sea for 2 French Horns and orchestra for soloists from London Symphonia for Dartington Festival and the epic opera King Danulo for Lviv Opera Theatre. Alla is currently working on a new cello concerto and a ballet, the latter one being based on the life of the Ukrainian classic poet Taras Shevchenko. Furthermore, Alla is a member of the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters, the Composers’ Union of Ukraine, PRS and ISM. and Youtube: thegoldenpenguinuk

Antonia Cviic – Soprano

1Antonia Cviic studied music and drama at Royal Holloway College, University of London. Postgraduate vocal training was at the Royal College of Music and Morley College Opera School. Roles include: Donna Elvira Don Giovanni for Co -Opera – Co, Erste Dame Die Zauberflöte, the title role Suor Angelica, Giorgetta in Il Tabarro, and Female Chorus in The Rape of Lucretia for Morley College Opera School. For Midsummer Opera, Gutrune Götterdämmerung and Sieglinde (cover) Die Walkure. For Surrey Opera, Lady Billows (cover) Albert Herring. Recent song recitals have been at St John’s, Wimbledon, St George the Martyr, Borough and St Giles – in – the – fields, Holborn.

Criton Tomazos – Poet, dramatist, architect, artist, theatre and art critic, journalist.

1He studied architecture and sculpture at the Regent Street Polytechnic (now Westminster University). Received scholarships to study Theatre Design and Scriptwriting for Film and TV.
His poems appeared in magazines and newspapers, anthologies and poetry collections in England and abroad. His plays have been staged in alternative theatre venues. He co-founded the Environmental Forum (1970 – 2004) and the Prometheus Theatre Company, (1982-5) of which he was artistic director and designer and founded Theatre for Mankind (1985- 20013) acting as co-ordinating director.
His artwork, often in mixed media, has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, international art biennales and art museums.
He worked with mainstream architectural offices on the Hayward Gallery, the Royal National Theatre, Birmingham Airport, schools, hospitals, community buildings and housing.
References appear in International Who’s Who volumes, encyclopaedias and directories.


Gabriella Swallow – Cello

1Gabriella Swallow is emerging as one of the most versatile and exciting cellists of her generation. She studied at Chethams’ School of Music and then won a double scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music with Jerome Pernoo. She was awarded the Tagore Gold Medal in her final year and was presented this by HRH The Prince of Wales. Recent highlights included two performances at the Aldeburgh Festival, and at the Wigmore Hall with soprano Ruby Hughes. Performances in 2014 have included a performance with Nigel Kennedy and his band at St James’s Piccadilly and her first classical club evening at The Forge in Camden under her own name ‘Gabriella Swallow and her Urban Family’ which involved artists from every genre she works in. She is also broadcasts as an Arts commentator, most notably on the BBC 4 coverage of the Proms.

John Ioannou – Actor

1John Ioannou was born in Cyprus but has been living in England since he was four.
He trained at the Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art and has been working as an actor for over forty years.
He was Bartholomew in Franco Zeffirelli’s ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.
He is probably the only white actor to have played the black brother in Athol Fugard’s ‘The Blood Knot’.
Most recently he took the role of the Polish saint: Maximilian Kolbe in ‘Kolbe’s Gift’ by David Gooderson at the Leicester Square Theatre.

Julietta Demetriades – Soprano

1Julietta Demetriades has been hailed by critics as ‘effortlessly mastering technical difficulties and bringing out expressiveness and all dynamic power that she could offer’… Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
She has performed widely in England, France, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Cyprus and Egypt. Venues include Cadogan Hall, St John’s Smith Square and Hellenic Centre in London, Konzerthaus in Berlin, Gasteig in Munich, Athens Megaron, Senate in Prague, Cairo Opera House and Helsinki Cathedral. She also collaborated with many national orchestras such as the Cairo Symphony, the Lublin Philharmonic and the Cyprus State Chamber Orchestras. In addition, she performed with various opera companies, like Prague State Opera, London Lyric Opera and Cyprus Opera.
Her performances were broadcast on Classic FM, Television France, the Cyprus Radio and Television, Egyptian Television, Czech Radio, Spanish Radio and Radio Israel.
Her repertoire includes major operatic roles and oratorios, as well as Lieder and songs from all over the world. In addition, her keen interest in contemporary classical music has led her to perform world premières of works in concerts and festivals.
Julietta was born in Cyprus and moved to London to study piano and singing on a full scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music. She graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Performance. In 2005 she received a Diploma in Opera Performance Studies from the Opera School of the University of London.
In 2007 she was finalist in the Nizzissima “Voce del Mediterraneo” Folksong Radio Competition and in 2011 she was honoured by the S.T.A.R. Foundation, at the House of Lords.


1Maria trained at Rose Bruford College after a career in teaching.
She has worked as an actress in theatre and radio and has also directed plays on numerous occasions for the stage and for BBC Radio4. Her play: ‘Mama’s Bidet’- a Monologue, was recently selected for performance in the Voices 2 Competition, organised by GRIN Theatre, Liverpool.

Nicholas Buxton – Tenor

1 Nicholas Buxton studied at the Royal Northern College of Music and the National Opera Studio. 
He has sung over 40 leading operatic roles in 22 
countries, including DON CARLOS in Mantova, BACCHUS (Ariadne) in Augsburg, OTELLO in Stockholm, DON JOSE for Scottish Opera, ENZO (La Gioconda) for Opera North, and TURIDDU (Cavalleria Rusticana) in Osaka.

Orpheus Papafilippou – Violin

1Orpheus Papafilippou studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London, who awarded him a scholarship to further his solo studies with Carmel Kaine at the Queensland Conservatorium in Australia.  He enjoys a wide ranging and exciting career as a soloist and as the leader of the Orfeas String Quartet and Ensemble and violinist of the Orfic Trio.  His performing career has taken him to China, India, Australia and throughout Europe.  Highlights include solo appearances in London’s South Bank Centre and at St Martin in the Fields. This season includes performances of Concerti by Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart and Bruch, performing for HRH the Queen, the world premier of a string quartet by Paul Carroll and performing with his Trio at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

Richard Burrell – Guitar

1Richard Burrell has been living and breathing music since his early teens. After falling in love with the guitar he quickly achieved Grade 8 on both electric and classical guitar. A keen composer and performer, he takes influence from a staggering range of musical genres and incorporates them into his own compositions. Richard is currently balancing doing sessions for a variety of artists and record labels, finishing a Music degree at ‘The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance’ and composing and recording tracks for his debut EP.

Yuri Sabatini  – Tenor

1Yuri Sabatini has established his reputation as a versatile artist with a beautiful tone of voice, expressive singing and convincing interpretation. He regularly appears in concerts throughout the UK and with his singing generously supports many charitable events.
Since his debut in 2008 he has interpreted on stage, among other roles: Nemorino (Elixir of Love, by Donizetti) Don Josè (Carmen, by Bizet) and Count Almaviva (Barber of Seville, by Rossini).
Yuri – who has sung with Scottish Opera, Northern Ireland Opera and Opera Project – lives in North London where he successfully runs his private singing teaching studio (

Yuri Zhislin – violin

1Yuri Zhislin London – based Russian violinist is a winner of the ‘BBC Radio Two Young Musician of the Year’ in 1993. He plays both violin and viola and has performed in nearly 60 countries around the globe. His CD with pianist George Lazaridis for SOMM label, and the CD for Naxos with his wife Natalia Lomeiko in 2009 won great critical acclaim. Yuri is a professor at the Royal College of Music in London. He is a founder of the Russian Virtuosi of Europe chamber orchestra that brings together some of the finest Russian and East European string players currently based in Western Europe.


1London based band that was born last year in march and currently includes four members.
The music we create and perform its mixture of reagge , punk , rock, ska .
It’s energetic rhythms and funny lyrics combined with sudden bits change makes us quite extraordinary. So far we’ve managed to record demo cd in London road studios , and played lots of gigs in and out side London. Progressing forward Czapa is going for a tour in Poland with 8 events already lined up.

Poparzeni Kawą 3

1A group of the top Polish radio journalists – Rafal Bryndal, Roman Osica, Krzysztof Zasada, Marian Hilla, Wojciech Jagielski, Mariusz Gierszewski, Krzysztof Tomaszewski, Jacek Kret – what luminous names and personalities!
But… are we going to calmly listen to the news for the rest of the evening? – Nooooo! We are going to hear the radio journalists sing! Funny, witty jokes and humour will resonate around the venue for the duration of their performance.

Ja mmm chyba sciebie

1An energetic, crazy and bouncing band Ja Mmmm Chyba Sciebie (Lowcy.B). Those handsome men will take you on a journey more bizarre that any story written by H.G Wells. You will travel with them on the meandering paths of their abstract minds – it would be extremely exciting and enjoyable trip, but… dangerous as well. You may permanently be transformed into a creative, open-minded alien living among the “normal” world. Beware!

Majka Jeżowska

Legend among the children’s music industry, is our guest and the main star of our afternoon event. We all remember her great hits: “Wszystkie dzieci nasze sa”, “A ja wole moja mame”. Now, it’s time for you to hear them live! Majka has been supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas charity for years. Her song – “Kolor serca was used to promote the Great Finale in 1993.


1JR – Vocals
David del Cid – Guitar
Dave Shirman – Guitar
Erick Tekilla – Bass
Tim Barclay – Drums
“Bang your head and swing your pitcher, Emergence will leave you snow-blind and gasping. Amazing!” – Metal As
Multi-national UK based Neuronspoiler’s powerhouse new album ‘Emergence’ is out now. Critics are describing it as “Riff-laden hard & heavy music, with decent melodies, great performances and lots of attitude”.
Produced by Guillermo “Will” Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, Panic Cell, Adrian Smith) Emergence combines the fist-pumping strength of heavy metal, the taste and feel of classic rock and the headbanging precision of thrash. Neuronspoiler’s brand of no-rules heavy metal finds the perfect balance between the traditional and the modern.
Neuronspoiler’s five members have come together from far and wide, drawn from four different countries to the birth place of metal: ready to make their own mark on the legendary British rock and metal scene.
Their previous release, the EP ‘No One’s Safe’ was released to positive reactions from fans and critics all over the world.
“This multi-cultural quintet can really play…there are some truly rich passages of guitar interplay. This alone gives the band a cachet.” Malcolm Dome – Classic Rock Magazine
“Listen to this without pumping those fists – we defy you. This is fast, furious and fabulous.” – Terrorizer Magazine


1Zepher are a four piece Blues based Rock & Roll band situated in the UK. Zepher have so much confidence, energy and sex-appeal on stage. Drawing influence from classic rock bands such as Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones & Guns ‘n’ Roses, their live sets consist of mainly original material with a few covers thrown in for good measure. They always rock the club circuits and have the girls in the crowd screaming every time! The original material from this band is excellent, all riff-based Rock ‘n’ Roll, complete with soaring melodies and hip-swinging grooves. Zepher never fail to impress; there’s so much energy in this band and it punches through in their performance and the crowds love them! Their electrifying live shows and anthemic Rock riffs will leave you wanting more so make sure you get out and see them a.s.a.p!

Angela Nielsen-Molineux

1  Canadian-born Angela Molineux, began classical training and performing at 8 years of age. Her first performances included high profile events for esteemed Canadian dignitaries, as well the Calgary Winter Olympics. She continued her classical and opera studies at The UBC School of Music and The Juilliard School. Angela has had the privilege of performing at the opening ceremonies for The Vancouver Canada Line, anthem singing at BMO Field and Swanguard Stadium, and performing in The Amalfi Music Coast Festival. She recently performed with Passionata for King Abdullah II of Jordan and was a featured artist for fashion label Kokon to Zai and Dior.
Her love of singing with abandon anywhere and everywhere for the homeless and royalty alike, crossing multiple musical genres, and displaying her pure joie de vivre, have earned her the title, “The Wild Soprano”. Some of her recording highlights include chorus soprano for Die Meistersinger with Ben Heppner (CBC Radio Canada), feature artist for Mythos (Warner Music), and Vacuus Vos for Virgin Galactic. 
Published as a child author of short stories and poetry, Angela discovered a passion for lyric writing from a young age. Drawing inspiration from an honors degree in psychology as well as her own life experiences, Angela’s music is a poetic expression of life’s journey, full of reflection, depth and emotion, with songs exuding both spirituality and sex appeal. Her debut EP, With Love and Light, is now available through iTunes. All songs were co-written with writer/producer Max Herman (Universal Music) and feature Angela’s angelic, awe-inspiring vocals.

Luiza Staniec

1 Singer, songwriter author,audio therapist,. A wonderful, sensitive woman of extraordinary power in his voice and charisma. Worked as an author of a text of Ewelina Flinta (I regret that I know you) Ursula and Budka Suflera

Marcin Mroziński

1 Actor, singer he represent Poland at Eurovision in 2010. In the past, he worked for the Athenaeum Theatre, Musical Theatre Roma, or TVP and Cartoon Network.

Marek Sośnicki

1 Also known as Tamerlane – had his support before the Michael Jackson song he recorded for the Film `Hercules` W. Disney Studios as the best foreign language versions. He had a private concert for the Duke and Duchess of Wessex in Krakow and received an honorary knighthood from the hands of Prince Bugajewa and JW. Paul Szabadin – Romanov (Moscow 1993).

Kirtan London

1Kirtan is a musical prayer – a call and response connection with the Divine through sound.
We are a small team of kirtan lovers, setting out to make this musical form of meditation easy, accessible and fun for everyone.


1Hello. I am RayRae fro Islander music. Welcome to this special event. On this day i will entertain you with music from some big reggae classics along with a soulful variety. You can look forward to hearing people like: Bob Marley, UB40, Peter tosh, chakka Khan, The Temptations, The marly children, simply red, Gregory Isaacs and so much more. Smooth, soulful and vibrant music to get you tapping your feet, nodding your head, rocking to the beat or all-out dancing.

Jay Q

1Jay Q’s DJ style is to really enjoy what he’s doing and play tunes the crowd want to hear – interacting and buzzing off them. Priding himself on being a versatile DJ – able to play dance floor fillers, anthems and forgotten classics from the late 70’s to the present day – adapting his set to warm up the crowd or create a party vibe.
Jay Q is proud to present and host his own radio show, dedicated to old school hip hop & classic anthems from rap’s golden era: “Hip Hop Hooray” goes out live, worldwide every Monday night exclusively on UrbanJazz Radio.
On a weekly basis he releases his podcast series, which is hosted on iTunes. The podcast received 7,100 downloads in just two months (August-September 2013) and is regularly in the rap chart top 10, as well as achieving a high of 233 in the main chart.


1The band was formed in 2002 in Olsztyn. The initial fascination team were related to Ukrainian culture. This was due to the fact that some members have Ukrainian roots.
The first three years was a period of musical exploration and multiple personnel changes. Enej appropriate activity began in 2005. Since then began intensive work on style, which was used to search for new instruments and new sounds. Currently, the music band “Enej” is widely understood to rock with elements of rock, folk and reggae. The team in 2010, he played at Woodstock, openable along with Jurek Owsiak XIX Final WOSP in Chorzow and closed a Warsaw on Stage WOSP. He won the TV show Must Be the Music. The London arrives at the invitation of DCH Art & Business Event Management to promote the twentieth final concert in England. There will be promotion of music created by Enej concert thanks to the Polish community in London.

My Riot

1My Riot is a new project started in 2008 by Piotr Glaca Mohamed, former frontman of Sweet Noise – – a leading alternative metal band from Poland. Glaca and his music have always been full of anger, passion and total devotion. His uncompromised character and endless passion for people and art helped him find fans all over the world. Glaca recorded with international producers such as Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Fripp, Adam Jones) or Steve Duda (Nine Inch Nails, Tom Lee, Deadmau5) as well as renowned artists, i.e. Justin Chancellor from TOOL. In Poland, Piotr often invites to his projects some of the most original artists of various music genres, e.g. Vader, O.S.T.R., Edyta Górniak, Anna Maria Jopek, Behemoth or Peja. Videos of My Riot feature special guests including Speedway World Champion, Tomasz Gollob and European Rally Champion, Krzysztof Hołowczyc.
My Riot is the final outcome of Glaca’s pursuit for new quality of revolting sounds: ‘working on My Riot was the sum of my experiences with Sweet Noise, latest projects in America – Serce and M.T.void – all collided with the immense experience of Adam Toczko. The idea of blending breakbeat, hip hop, club music with solid, arse-kicking rock turned out to be a huge challenge, but ultimately we have managed to get the result we wanted – a state of the art medley.’ – said Glaca.

Michal Jelonek

1Michal Jelonek is a real beast stage. It is very expressive musician with a lot of humor. His music, which can be heard on their debut album “Jelonek” and concerts will appeal to both fans of classical music, rock music, but also for those who like different music styles. The music is perfect for everyone. Previously, he played with the band Ankh ,Marylą Rodowicz, Wilkami, Perfectem, Łzami, Closterkeller, Kasą, De Press, Stanem Borysem i Paulą. This has given over the years, 20 albums, and co-author of about 30 discs featuring the deer. It should be noted that the music recorded with the aforementioned artists is very diverse. Starting from classical, rock, folk to heavy metal sound. In the 20 years of his artistic career Michael played nearly 2000 concerts in Poland and in Germany, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, and also in other parts of the globe. He worked as a session musician for record companies BMG, EMI Pomation Poland, Universal Music Poland and the other was the main star XX Final WOSP London.

Robert Leszczynski

1He is a journalist in Gazeta Wyborcza and a music critic. In the 90s he created a group, Karate Muziq, together with Wojciech Pilichowski. He became famous as a juror in four editions of the Polish Idol and as the creator of a TV programme, Mop Man. He was a spokesman at the Woodstock Festival and in 2006 he was the editor-in-chief of the Laif magazine. In the years 2007 to 2010 he was running the Culture and Style section of the weekly magazine, Wprost. Robert also became an object of interest of other artists. He appeared as the main character in Kasia Nosowska’s video to the song ‘Zoil’ a tand was also mentioned as a contributor to the songs of Pidzama Porno, Twoja Generacja, Zlodziej Zapalniczek. He will be our special guest at the 21st Finale of the GOCC in London.

Wojciech Medynski

1Polish actor and theater director. Mainly associated with Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łódź, then the Mermaid Theatre in Warsaw. On the television screen we know him from the show “Tenants”, “Kate and Tom”, “Neighbors”, “Nanny”, “Bulionerzy”, “Life itself”. During the XX Final WOSP concert in London led the main part of the great concerto.

Kasia Madera

1Kasia Madera is a BBC News presenter. She can be seen presenting BBC World and the BBC News Channel.
Kasia has presented the BBC One Daytime Summaries and the BBC Multiscreen Headlines.
She has also presented BBC Three’s 60 Seconds and the News Channel’s Entertainment 24.
Kasia occasionally appears on Polish television including TVP and Dzien Dobry TVN as a studio guest and guest reporter.

Pola Pospieszalska

1Pola began his career 2002 with the patriotic song ” how victorious”. Artists in honor of the Polish anthem., which she played with the band Mr. Profeska. In 2008, Her musical activities attracted Robin Millar (Sade explorer and Ive Mendes) and Ned Bigham (collaborated with Neneh Cherry, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse) in April 2009 with his song “Strangers in the street” debuts at # 2 on the radio charts Corfu. song remained in the top twenty for 20 weeks. Since the release of the album, toured m . al., UK, Poland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. sang well as the official opening of London Fashion Week in September 2010.

Contrary album appeared on the Polish market in June 2009. Version of the album with no Polish songs, called My Favourite Town came out at online stores worldwide in January 2010.

Bartek Wrona

1Bartek-WronaHis musical career began in 1997 when he won the audition for the band Just 5. Young people recorded the big hit “Color Dreams”, which is still a huge hit regularly sung by the Poles in the world. Bartek has received numerous honors and awards. Has been assessed as a teen idol. In 2001 Bartek Wrona has recorded a solo album, “Lost” and the album for children. He took part in the reality show” BAR”. His best-known works are “ one in a million” in 2005, Mary and colors of Happiness. In London, the XX Final WOSP London audience gathered in a huge crowd of fans of all ages.

Baz Francis

1207730_544863528872053_380714555_nBaz Francis is the singer, guitarist, chief songwriter and co-producer of the English power-pop rock n’ roll band, Magic Eight Ball. With his band he has toured extensively across the UK as well as appeared in the press and on the radio airwaves a multitude of times. As a solo performer, Baz has also opened for rock legends Enuff Z’Nuff (plus been an onstage guest of its’ members on numerous occasions), as well as played acclaimed shows in America, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Finland.

Magic Eight Ball

Magic Eight Ball are an energetic power pop trio from Surrey who have been gigging and recording as a group since 2006. Over that time the band have made some notable live appearances across the country, on stages and the radio, and also played on two national tours so far supporting present and former members of their beloved Enuff Z’Nuff from Chicago. Magic Eight Ball currently have 3 sets of studio recordings to their name: their début (and now re-released) EP ‘A Peacock’s Tale’, the follow-up single ‘Stripped’, and the extended player ‘Mother Nature’s Candy’ (with an album slated for release on Magic Cat Records in early 2013).

Diana Trochim

1Diana Trochim is a singer and the bass guitarist in the Bristish group, Magic Eight Ball. However, before she appeared on the British stage, she had played in Poland where she had the opportunity to participate in the third edition of the Polish Idol and get through to the semi-finals. After a series of incredible music adventures in Poland she decided to leave the home country and came to London. After a year spend in this inspiring city she had an idea to take part in “Rock Academy”, a music competition where she got through to the semi-finals. Diana’s music path led her to meeting a British musician, Baz Francis, with whom she performed in a few British radio stations. Their cooperation resulted in further projects and Diana’s joining the rock group, Magic Eight Ball, in which Baz Francis is the leader. Diana played at numerous festivals and went on British tours with the band. She is currently working on her own album, although far from rock music in character.


1Brought up in the spirit of music. She graduated from the School of Music of Karol Szymanowski, took part in a television program Elizabeth’s Skrętkowskiej “Chances to succed” with the band T Love. She has performed in many concerts min – Polish Theatre 50 anniversary of Polish Barns, participated in the Cabaret night in Malbork (solo performance with Hanna Śleszyńska, Agnieszka Matysiak) and a concert dedicated to Kurylewicz, in the studio S1. She received the audience award at the competition. A. Osiecka. She sang in the choir at Patricia Kosiarkiewicz.

Erwin Michalec

1Graduated Political Science. His life experience includes work in a detective agency Asvalia In London became an artist and fashion creative “designer”. At this moment he is a fashion show organizer.Involved with Contarsts Art Show Collective.

Gary Moveout

1Gary Moveout an explosive mixture and extremely interesting phenomenon on expatriate rock music market, as elsewhere in the stars, whose encounter a band of metal, rock, music, opera, and former pop music and even disco-polo. Group formed to specifically to play at the London concert WOSP 2011, but after a very good reception by the public, the guys decided to stay together and play a little longer. Although Gary Moveout time the game recently, its members are experienced musicians with a good experience. Gary Singer, Pawel is really a well-known Polish band Why Not Here (in previous incarnations has also performed as a double Michal Wisniewski, sang in the opera, and even disco-polo), guitarist Mietek the first part immensely popular in the 90’s Polish metal band Ghost – now playing in the band Grin, drummer Marcin is the core of conquering more and more popular in the UK team Soulride and bassist Young is ….. young, but as it says Mietek “do the splits as I am on stage, and then we’ll talk.” Music is an outcome they do rock and heavy metal with a touch of musical notes straight from the wonderful 80s.

Human Control

1The band was created in 2008 in London by two of the present band members, which were playing melodic rock together for couple of years. The music evolved to more powerful rock sounds as the new bassist joined the band in early 2009. Now the rock keeps rolling as the band releases its music to the world and the studio, where HC practices since the beginning, sounds with music like never before…

Jakub B. Bączek

1Jakub B. Bączek is the pioneer in leisure-time animation in Poland and, being the first to write about the subject, has written the following books – Women’s volleyball (2005), The Animator’s Handbook (2008), Leisure-time animation (2009), and Event psychology (2011) – together with a lot more publications in this field. He gained a Master’s degree in pedagogy, physical education, andsocial work, but his main interests became psychology and animation. He holds training sessions all over Europe. People come from all over Europe to attend his sessions and his books are also very popular (Leisure-time animation is now in its 5th edition). He was an animator in: Majorca, Switzerland, Germany, Crete, Tunisia, Zakynthos, Turkey, and Jamaica, as well as many other places. He has undertaken work for TVN, Radio Zet and Neckermann. In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Patron of Health’ in recognition of his professional activities. He teaches at universities, advises tour operators and his work is published in newspapers such as: “Hotelarz” (Hotel Owners monthly), “Rynek Turystyczny” (Tourism Industry) or “Psychologia Biznesu” (Business Psychology). His training sessions are packed with passion and enthusiasm – as well as passing on his invaluable knowledge he ensures students receive a lot of energy and inspiration.


1Musical style: Afrobeat, highlife, reggae.
As the Socalites was established in 2004. and won the first prize at the Polish team at the White Eagle Club, which resulted in the release demo ‘It’s up to you’
and play with the Kult at the club Astoria. The band also played at the club Cargo VooVoo.
Then he has suspended concerts , but the main band decided to continue the tradition, and so was KALAKUTA ORIGINAL, the core of which are Emeka Elendu (vocals, guitar), Rotemi (guitar) from Nigeria who plays in a band, Fela Anikulapo Kut & Egypt 80, as well as other international musicians.
The band plays regularly at clubs such as Hootananny Brixton.

Katty Carr

1Songwriter-performer-ukulele player-hugely inspired by Spitfires-1940s & WW2-I have released 3 albums- ‘Screwing Lies’-‘Passion Play’ ‘Coquette’-on Deluce Recordings. See u @one of my shows for more email: webs:
I LOVE TO SING SING SING – my own little songs, 1930s, 40s favourites, Polish underground army and partisan songs. I am half British [English/Scottish] and half Polish and I am so proud to have the blood that I have!
Records by Katy Carr include, ‘Screwing Lies,’ ‘Passion Play,’ ‘Coquette,’ ‘The Crow Club.’
Ja Kocham Polska

Marta Carillon

1She combines elements of pop, jazz, minimal and chillout in her music . She has created a proprietary project “Crystal Cube”, which toured in London and Luxembourg. She is currently working on her debut album of the same name. In 2010, in collaboration with De Giraffe released a single author Pray of Doll, in 2011 the German record label interested in the song Body Prisoner premiere of soon. She is co-founder of the Musical Theatre Palladium Stage in Warsaw, where she now sings in the play “Broadway Street”. As musical director collaborates with universities Arts Educational Schools, the Central School of Speech and Drama. She was a soloist in the performance of “Four – The Spirit of the Elements” in Lisbon, the play “Stench” was held in London and European tour with the show “Musical Starlight”. She won the Special Award Cooltura Festival 2010.

Marzena Rychlik

1Marzena’s career in London started as an actress and a presenter for the Extreme Sports Channel.She’s been performing on stage from the age of 15 trying to decide whether she wants to dedicate her life to singing or acting.That is why she toured Poland with a lead role in a musical at the age of 17.Not so long after that Marzena has moved to London where she pursed her acting dreams that with time awaken her love for singing.Her passion for music took over. She is currently working on her debut album and regularly plays live gigs in London.


1Heavy/stoner Metal Formed late 2009 By Misiek, Wojtek, Greg, Kevlar, Amro. At the beginning of 2011, two new members joined the band, Vaughan Houseman on drums and Lewis Powell on bass.
They are based in west London, they record in Misiek’s home studio, they have had a number of gigs across the country and they are developing a fanbase. So listen their tracks and see what you think!

Monika Lidke

1Enchanting singer Monika Lidke performs exciting, fresh and original music that truly connects with the audience. Jazz and folk songs with Polish, French and Latin accents create a mesmerising multilingual live show.


1“Rising superstars of the UK rock scene, Ocasan are contemporary pop/rock at its very finest. With a sound that can only be defined as raw yet polished, rugged yet poised, intellectual yet beautifully simplistic. This British mega outfit packs a water tight power pop punch. High voltage, high energy fun. Having worked with some of rock’s major producers, shared stages with major acts and a string of high profile festival appearances under their belt”.

Sabio Janiak

1Composer, producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. In 2005 he graduated Academy of Music in Poznań (Poland) as a classical percussionist. Following his master training he studied music production in London Centre of Contemporary Music

(UK). During his carrier as a session drummer/percussionist Sabio worked with many distinguished artist and bands all around the world including Peyoti for President, Laxula, Michale Feinstein, Esma, Redzepova, Marcin Pospieszalski, Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos , Adam Sztaba, Step 13, Maryla Rodowicz, Ulisses Bezerra, da Silva, Gabryjel Fleszar, Krzysztof Antkowiak, Clint Holmes and many others.

Currently Sabio is running Sabiomusic Production which has been founded to promote and produce his artistic work. After all the experience he gained by playing as a session musician, Sabio decided to change his artistic direction and since 2009 he has been leading his solo carrier under the name Vital Kovatch. It is a one person live act where Sabio uses his skill playing many instruments, witch he says allows him to express himself as an artist.


WojcieVolumeyes is an explosive mixture of musical characters and the positive energy it produces is what reaches out to the public. The band came to being in July 2011 in West London, where they currently perform many shows. Their music is a pop-rock base entwined with elements of the lively ska and funky grooves.
The leader – Katy is a charismatic vocalist with a theatrical yet rebellious image and warm, exciting voice. Darek – a guitar pro with decades of experience. He hypnotises with his mysterious guitar sound. The drummer- Damian – is a man whose versatile rhythm patterns and yes, those juicy licks build up the energy to the top level. The most recent addition to the band is Patryk. His style brings all that warmth and friendliness to Volumeyes’ mixture, hence making it so special.
Last year Volumeyes released an EP titled “Volumeyes” – available on iTunes. The band is now busy in the studio recording their first long play album.

Jarosław Jakimowicz

Polish actor best known for his appearance in “Młode wilki” as Cichy.








Wojciech Sikora

Polish actor








Rafał Mroczek

Polish actor and dancer









Katarzyna Figura

One of the best Polish movie and stage actresses. She was the Polish icon of the 80’s and 90’s. She received the main Polish movie award “Złote Lwy” twice.








Piotr Zelt

Polish movie, stage and dubbing actor