3,2,1,0… Go!!!! The countdown is on!!! The only, huge, amazing, unique, crazy and brilliant Polish rock festival – Woodstock Festival!!! That’s what this is all about! In just a few days, we will once again be swept away by sounds of rock. For the nineteenth time we will celebrate with Jurek Owsiak and his team at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The young and the not so young, women, men and children, all fans of good music will gather in Kostrzyn on the Oder. Positive energy, awesome people, unforgettable moments and brilliant musicians – all during three hot, August days.

Can’t wait? Neither can we!! That’s why the Hurricane if Hearts team – the organizers of several events linked to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London, is already getting together a team of positively crazy people who would wish to join us on a journey across the sea to our homeland and to take part in the most beautiful festival in the world. Our Hurricanes are working on the travel plan and on all the necessary gadgets- flags, banners, t-shirts, everything we need to represent Poles in the UK.

Just Poles?

Nooooo, of course not! Anyone is welcome! We are setting off to conquer Woodstock Festival Poland with an international team!! Its not important where you’re from, how old you are, what you do – just whether you want to spend three unforgettable days with amazing people and the sounds of incredible music.

Sounds good? That’s not all yet! LifeFunHolics from the Hurricane of Hearts are working on several more events involving GOCC and others. If you have been inspired bu the beautiful concept created by Jurek Owsiak and would like to help us organize similar events, join us, even today. Concerts, happenings, fun and education – this and more you will find at our meetings.

Woodstock with its long and prestigious history and tradition draws hundreds of thousands of rock music fans from all over the world. Our international team is getting ready to go and spread the word about Woodstock.

Can you feel the vibe?

Are you too bursting with energy?

Dear FunLifeHolics! Its time for an adventure!

Sie ma!!!!

Anna Ciecierska

Translated by Zuzanna Krzyzanowska


Who is going to play at the Woodstock Festival in Poland?
1. Mech
2. Hunter
3. Kiril Djaikovski
4. Kamil Bednarek
5. Ja mmm chyba ściebie/ Łowcy. Band
6. Enter Shikari
7. Third World
8. Atari Teenage Riot
9. Emil Kusturica
10. Farben Lehre
11. Ugly Kid Joe
12. Gooral i Mazowsze
13. Anthrax
14. Kaiser Chiefs
15. Danko Jones