The one and only Jurek Owsiak is coming to London to train their volunteers!!!

Such an opportunity does not happen very often. The legendary leader of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is going to do a workshop for those who have helped with London’s Finales and wish to get involved in upcoming ones.

Every year GOCC is aiming to be bigger, better and more effective in terms of fundraising. Think about how much can we improve by receiving this powerful information first hand –  from the person who created all this magic, from Jurek Owsiak himself.

Don’t hesitate! Sign up for our workshop and meet a person who has saved thousands of young lives in Poland. Learn how to help, how to entertain, how to be the best.

Jurek Owsiak will reveal to us the secrets behind successful advertising, leadership, branding and effective use of social media. Furthermore he will tell us how to use these tools to help children.

If you have participated in the Finales of GOCC in London and want to do more, join us on the 13th of May 2014.

This event is free of charge.
Remember to register via e-mail at – use subject “training”.

We only have limited amount of spaces available, so don’t take your time – register today! 🙂