15th of October 2013 at Wembley Stadium a football game will take place that cannot be missed by any Londoner. It will be an encounter between the hosts – England and the Polish team – whose supporters are the second biggest ethnic minority in Britain. It will be an evening full of sporting emotions – watching those two teams battling against each other.

To celebrate this great event the organisation Hurricane of Hearts with the support of the Polish Embassy have decided to rolled down over the heads of the public a big red and white chequered flag. This sign is a symbol of Polish airmen who fought in the Battle of Britain during the Second World War in 1940. Football meeting of those two teams is the perfect opportunity to remind this events.

For Hurricane of Hearts this occasion is particularly important as it interferes with its own history. The name of the association has it’s origin in the British Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft which was used by Polish pilots from the famous 303 Squadron during the aforementioned battle.

Poland and England, two nations which differ so much … in culture, customs, and temperament. Despite these differences, when the need arose, we managed to stand up to fight side by side in the name of higher values, in the name of the freedom of the two countries and the whole of Europe. Many times Polish soldiers supported their British allies during those dark times. Without the valiant pilots from 303 Squadron, the fate of the Battle of Britain could have a completely different track. Not less significant were the actions of Anders’ Army soldiers who were famous for their heroic attitude during the Battle of Monte Cassino. Polish warships actively and successfully participated in the Battle of the Atlantic. The fate of all the war depended on the work of the Polish cryptologists (Marian Rejewskiego, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski) who had by 1932 deciphered first messages encoded using Enigma – German cipher machine.

And so, after years, when the lives of the Poles and the British intertwined again – this time because of the European Union and the opening of the borders, Hurricane of Hearts would like to remind you of this fantastic collaboration that linked our people. This time, we stand on opposite sides of the fence, but whatever the score is we will celebrate together!