What an atmosphere of warm hearts! What can we say – the Great Finale was exceptional! The extraordinary energy between our artists and audience created a unique experience. The magic of music and joy of participating in this amazing event will remain long in the memory of all those who were at the event. However, the most important thing is that we achieved our goal! Our counting committee announced that at this moment, we accumulated £38,379.72 … and are still counting!!!

“We are proud and happy that the fruits of our labour will significantly reinforce an account of the Foundation, and children and seniors will benefit from equipment purchased thanks to our efforts” – we heard from Dagmara Chmielewska – host and coordinator of the 24th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London. She continues, “such moments give us wings, thanks to them we know how effective our actions are. We will play with the Orchestra to the end of the world – and one day longer!!!.”

The success of this year’s Finale would not have been possible without the remarkable commitment of our brave volunteers. This year 250 volunteers went onto London’s streets to raise funds for us! Our auctions were also very successful – the highest auctioned item was Robert Lewandowski’s T-shirt with an autograph of the player which we sold for £450!

We had so much laughter and fun during the children’s event too! Ewa Dobrowolska-Gmitrzuk and Jaroslaw Gmitrzuk of Prima Agency made sure that every child from the beginning to the end of the program had a cheerful smile on their faces. The extraordinary creativity of our artists and ease in establishing contact with children was apparent from the moment of their appearance on stage. Our young audience had also an opportunity of listening to songs performed by Majka Jeżowska – Queen of the Polish children’s scene. Everyone – both young and adult was having lots of fun.

During the main part of the event we could admire many young, talented artists. Their explosive energy and exuberance charmed us while watching the Daxx & Roxane band performance with their rock and metal repertoire. The Czapa formation, which had been playing at the London stages for years, brought to SCALA their regular audience who cheerfully sang along with musicians. There was also an interesting music show by Night Mistress band. These musicians quickly won the audience with their witty song lyrics – it was worth focusing on their content, to fully appreciate the artistry.

We had also these special guests: Anna Jurksztowicz – singer, Ewe Mielnicka – Miss of Poland 2014, Kasia Madera – journalist of BBC NEWS, Prince Jan Żyliński, Mateusz Szymkowiak – journalist of TVP2 known from programs Pytanie na sniadanie and The Voice of Poland and Martin Fitch – singer.

The success of the final concert exceeded our expectations. The band Tabu who took over last year’s Woodstock with their virtuosity, won the hearts of the GOCC’s participants in similar style. People playfully jumped to the rhythm of their music. That was powerful!

So we got to the Grand Finale, with the star performance of the evening – Myslovitz band. Many from our public had eagerly waited for this. The main room was bursting at the seams under the pressure of excited fans of the band. Since their first sounds, you could hear that the musicians were in top form. Song after song, they created a magnificent spectacle, building fuller and deeper contact with the audience. On this high note, we have finished in a beautiful way, the 24th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London.

See you next year!

Sie ma!

Anna Ciecierska