Heart to Heart is a Ukrainian organisation which follows the path of very successful Polish charity foundation – the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC). It was found in 2006 by Oksana Wasylenko. Oksana had for many years been observing various GOCC projects and the amazing work of it’s leader Jurek Owsiak. Finally, she decided to come to Poland with her friend Irina to learn close up how the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity works it’s magic. This wouldn’t have been possible without the invaluable help of Jerzy Konik – a Polish businessman who had been living and working in Ukraine for many years. He knew Jurek Owsiak and managed to arrange the first meeting between Ukrainian activists and Polish leader.



It was a right and momentous decision. Both Oksana and Irina learned a lot and returned to Ukraine full of energy, inspiration and new ideas. Since that time, year after year Heart to Heart has been growing from strength to strength. Year after year, more volunteers are coming to help this great and renowned charity.

Establishing a trustworthy institution in Ukraine is not an easy task. People were reluctant part with their money, since the government and non-government institutions haven’t earned their trust. But the exemplary work of Ukrainian activists from Heart to Heart, and a beautiful positive goal changed their attitude.

Today, Heart to Heart is undoubtedly viewed as a highly successful initiative that helped lots of children. And Jerzy Konik is still actively working with Heart to Heart.

It is a great pleasure and honour for Hurricane of Hearts to have the opportunity to work together with this amazing Ukrainian charity and collect money for children in Ukraine in these difficult times.