What a lovely area – coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and all in the vicinity of majestic Tower Bridge. With great pleasure, Hurricane of Hearts’ team walked to their next meeting to finalise a deal with Potters Fields Park management.

The plans of the area have been presented to us, with some suggestions on how to manage the space. Planning, planning, planning; this is so exciting. In our mind’s eye, we visualised the stage, heart-shaped gadgets, splendid musicians and a joyful crowd. We couldn’t wait to put our plans into practice! But the thought of practice grounded us to the imminent fact that there will be so much work to do!  Fortunately, there are people who can help us J

Staying in the area, we head to the Southwark Council where another meeting took place. It appears that we share lots of common goals with the council and we can complement each others’ objectives.

But the most important decision had been made at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. It is now official: Hurricane of Hears is aiming to raise significant amount of funds to help children with kidney disease, who need regular dialysis.

This splendid news was announced to the entire Hurricane of Hearts’ team. Our project gains a clearly defined shape and direction. There is no greater pleasure compared than creating something new and special.  Nothing comparable to the first moments when you realise that your dreams are coming true!

Anna Ciecierska