Embassy of the Polish Republic in London

Our projects are supported by the Embassy of the Polish Republic in London We have had an opportunity to work with them on several occasions: Polish-British Olympic Stop and United Kingdom of Polish Women where Dagmara Chmielewska was hosting a talk show The Art of Being a Woman. The show was watched by ambassador Witold Sobkow, Consul General Ireneusz Truszkowski, parliament member: Wanda Nowicka and professor Magdalena Sroda.
The Embassy was also very helpful during the preparation for our latest project: The Polish Flag at Wembley that took place 15th of October 2013 during the game Poland v England. Together we have created a website polandenglandtogether@co.uk and additionally the Embassy has prepared limited edition brochures with the chequered flag.

3331-gosh-mainGreat Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals. It is helped by Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity which raises money to enable the hospital to provide world class care and to pioneer new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses. Hurricane of Hearts supports this beautiful cause by organising a charity event to help children with kidney disease.

St Francis Polish School LtdSt Francis Polish School Ltd
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SouthwarkCouncilLogoHQSouthwark Council

Southwark Council is an institution created to take care of local communities inhabiting the area. Over 120 languages are spoken in Southwark. With this immense diversity comes an array of amazing talents and vast depths of untapped potential. Hurricane of Hearts got lots of support and useful advice while creating Hurricane of Hearts’ First Finale within the Southwark Council area.

Polish Social and Cultural Association in London (POSK)

Its mission is to promote and encourage access to Polish Culture in all its forms, to Poles and non Poles. POSK serves the entire Polish community, facilitating the retention and development of each individuals’ sense of national identity.
Hurricane of Hearts has cooperated with POSK on a number of occasions (during the Polish-British Olympic Stop, for instance). Until this point, HoH’s members are holding their weekly meetings in the Polish University Abroad based in the POSK building.
Thanks to POSK’s hospitality on the 25th of April 2014, Hurricane of Hearts will organise a concert entitled “International Artist for Ukrainian Children”. During the concert, we will raise the money for the holiday camps with professional psychological support – Get Inspired Summer Academy.

Heart to Heart

Ukrainian charity organisation inspired by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Poland. Their aim is to raise money for hospital equipment for children. Hurricane of Hearts cooperated with them during the project Hurricane of Hearts for Ukrainian Children – a campaign to collect money to organise holiday camps with professional psychological support for children whose families were affected during the Ukrainian crisis.



Open Dialog
Non-governmental organisation whose goal is to create a consistent and transparent information space, where people who share European values will be able to exchange their knowledge and experience. They can then implement their public initiatives aimed at continuous natural transformation of post-totalitarian societies towards democracy and civil freedoms. During the campaign, Hurricane of Hearts for Ukrainian Children Open Dialog was conducting researches to find children who would be sent to the holiday camps with professional psychological support..
The campaign was supported by self-defence Maidan.



Polish Olympic Committee

We have cooperated with the Polish Olympic Committee during the London 2012 Olympic. Then we have organized an event that helped to promote Poland in the UK. A big thanks to the Polish Embassy and Polish Olympic Committee for the opportunity of meeting various Polish Olympic athletes and gaining some new sports knowledge.



The Polish Tourist Organisation 

We have worked with the PTO twice. During the XX Finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and at the Polish-British Olympic Stop. We can always count on receiving promotional materials regarding Poland, which we can show to our international friends.



Polish University Abroad 

It is one of the oldest Polish educational institutions in London. HoH with great pleasure works with prof. Halina Taborska, director of the Polish Center of Sexual Health in London Grazyna Czubińska and Director of Promotion and Strategic Development Roman Mazur. PUA is one of the most tolerant and open minded Polish institutions in London.


How Succeed

Jake Smolarek – CEO at How Succeed, is one of our founders, directors and activists. He regularly represents us at various events and provides motivational, time management and development trainings for our members. Thanks to Jake we get to know many interesting people which inspires us to greater success.


Panther MC 

For the second time in a row is supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by organizing Motorcycle parade through the streets of London. Many times Club participated in charity events in Poland and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with them in this action.

14St John Ambulance

Institution which teaches people first aid. Thanks to them we had a training during the XX Finale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and Polish-British Olympic Stop







Oxford Polish Association

(OPA) is a small local voluntary community group with its board and a constitution and is registered with OCVA (  Oxford Community Voluntary Action) which acts under Oxford City Council. 
The main aim is to have a place of support for Polish people for better integration with local community. OPA helps Poles living and working in Oxford to overcome feeling of isolation and “being a foreigner” through provision of expert advice, language help, psychological support, organisation of interest groups for adults and children as well as a place to meet new friends, share experiences and help others.