We are very grateful that Czarno-Czarni are once again playing with the Great Orchestra Of Christmas Charity! We wanted to ask you to answer a few questions about the Finale.

1.Which concert that you have played for Poles so far you think is the best?

Taste of Polonia in Chicago was great. People had enjoyed our performance without the interpreter.

2.You will play on Sunday 11th of January, but for you the GOCC starts on Friday – when you will be collecting money on the airport and on board of Ryanair’s plane. How do you feel as first London volunteers?

We are afraid that the plane crew will take us for the officers of Scotland Yard, and that is why we are going to hide out bowlers and dark glasses under the coats. We are counting on the generosity of all passengers and we are proud that this honour had fell on us.

3.What did you know about Hurricane of Hearts before you were invited to participate in the Finale?

Apparently the atmosphere is so hot that there are a few cardiologists and meteorologists on duty behind the scenes. We also know the Scala club where many great artists performed. It obliges…

4.What is your way to the autumn-winter blues?

Eat expired canned “Paprykarz Szczecinski” ( Polish fish paste mixed with vegetables).

We guarantee that after fifteen minutes the blues will be your least concern.

5. Can we count on a exceptional “Finale” set list?

Of course, surely from the start we will attack you with positive vibes…


Interviewed by Marta Kowalska.