Ruthlessly friendly for London and Polonia – Hunter on the 2015 concert for GOCC

Polish soul-metal band Hunter will be the main star of GOCC Finale in London. Paweł “Drak” Gregorczyk tells us about differences between concerting abroad and in Poland, which charity performance they remember the most, and what can we expect on 11th January 2015 at Scala club.

1. What should we expect during the Finale?

We will surely play a cross-section of all our records, let’s call it “The Greatest Hits”. It so happens that we’d put a lot of English songs on our first albums, we’ve neglected that later. We are aware that the majority of London audience will be the Polonia, but I think that it’s the good occasion to present those tracks. Polonia will handle it, and perhaps Londoners will understand us as well!

2. You’ve recently confirmed that you are working on the acoustic album. Will we hear some “Hunter unplugged”?

No. It will be electrical performance. Unplugged project is in its infancy, additionally it will demand some extra instrumentation, which complicates the transport. The same applies to pyrotechnics, which has already entered our permanent concert menu. London has a lot of restrictions in that matter, and so we will leave our arsenal in Poland. Our hands are tied (just a little), as you can see, but we will make up for it with our very nice way of being – also on stage.

3. What in touring abroad is different from playing in Poland?

You need to make more effort to drive the audience into the under-the-stage madness. First of all, Polish people are real beast and I think other nations can’t compete with us in that matter. Second of all – people abroad don’t know our songs, and we are used to our fans (Hunterians) untwisting the madness from the first sounds, singing loudly and practically doing all the work for us! But I think this time we will feel like home – the Polonia will be there and a lot of our fans are planning their trip to London for that concert. Just few more people and we won’t see the difference under the stage! Most of them have been with us for many years. So it looks like it’s going to be Hunterians’ family reunion in London!

4. Have you heard of Hurricane of Hearts before we invited you to the Finale?

Unfortunately no, but – as it comes with every hurricane – this first contact will stay in our memories forever.

5. You help various charity actions. What is your best memory from that kind of performance?

There is a lot of them. If I had to pick one, it would be when we’ve played for the boy who burned his throat after drinking Domestos (corrosive cleaner). A very sad case. Luckily, the therapy proved to be effective. We were very happy to hear that, and it was another confirmation of the importance of giving a helping hand. Also, all our performances for the animals had left us with unforgettable memories. And we play for that cause quite a bit.

6. You will play on Sunday 11th, but for you GOCC will start on the Ryanair flight, where you will collect money. How do you feel being first London volunteers?

We will be ruthless.

Interviewed by Marta Kowalska