As the sun has finally visited London, our Hurricane of Hearts crew took the work to the park and debated the future projects with the wind in our hair and the sun lighting our faces. And who said you cannot mix the pleasure with work? The results were astonishing. The work was easier, nicer and faster with time to spare for a visit in Robin Hood restaurant in Ravenscourt Park.

Sitting on the grass and basking in the sun reminded me the summers spent in the country when I was a kid. It did not take much to feel happy and relaxed again. The gloom of winter weather has finally been pushed away by the bright, warm days. We have discovered new reserves of positive energy.

We are now preparing for the Polish Woodstock Festival to which you are all invited. It is a great opportunity to join the crowds at this huge music event and have lots of fun. We will make a powerful entrance as a group representing the GOCC friends from UK. Anybody interested in participating in the Woodstock Festival in Poland is welcome to join us and help out with functions, organising our area and of course enjoy the music.

The Festival is our stop on the way to the next Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. For more details about this music event visit the GOCC website devoted to the Woodstock Festival in Poland. If you are interested in going to the Festival with the Hurricane of Hearts, contact us and we will tell you all about our role. If you are still not sure what the Festival is, what its purpose is or what Hurricane of Hearts is, follow our website, twitter and facebook and definitely contact us so we can tell you more about it.

On behalf of the Hurricane of Hearts crew, I wish you all a wonderful summer, full of sunshine and heat.