Northolt 10th of November 2013. Lazy afternoon… suddenly in the study air arrived a far purring sound which was getting stronger and lauder with every second. Something was approaching… the sound was getting lauder and now it was already visible the first member of the Panther MC – Polish Motorcycle Club. The group and their friends from other clubs passed the quiet streets determined to reach their destination at the Polish War Memorial.

It was a beautiful initiative. Panther MC has decided to inflamate candels in honour of Polish airman who helped the Allied cause during the Second World War. Touching gesture and a precious message – WE REMEMBER!
Hurricane of Hearts was invited there by Rafal Pietka who is doing a duty of IT manager during our present event. It was even more important to us to be there, as it was connected with our last project Polish Flag at Wembley which was also in honor of Polish airman.