Everything started because of her. Since she was a girl, throughout her youth and then her adult life, she has been organising social and cultural events. Her passion and commitment made all her projects sucessful.
Dagmara came to England in 2009 and started working towards the development of the Polish community abroad. During 2010 and 2011 she organised over 50 educational, cultural and entertainment events.
January 2011 – Dagmara took part in the XIX Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (GOCC) in Poland. During that event she met a great Polish activist and founder of the GOCC – Jurek Owsiak, whose work was a great inspiration for her. Half a year later she gathered a group of friends and organised one of the biggest Polish events in London – Polish-British GOCC Stop. Following the success of the aforementioned concert, she organised another one – the XX Finale of GOCC which grabbed the attention of most of the Polish organizations in UK.
These events inspired Dagmara to create Hurricane of Hearts. She brought together a group of committed people who make up the core of the Hurricane of Hearts. Working hard to deliver their message to wide audiences, they enjoy inspiring people around them.