Fabulous 23rd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in London

Crazy, uncontrollable, positive energy filled SCALA concert hall at King’s Cross during the recently concluded 23rd Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Our fantastic event with a galaxy of Polish rock stars this year attracted a record number of participants, over 4 000 people! We also hit a record number of 217 volunteers collecting donations on the streets of London. However, what we enjoy most is your big hearts and a deep commitment to this year’s fundraising, which resulted in an amazing amount of: £32 127.01 and we are still counting. This beat last year’s result of £27,193.42. This amount will go to the GOCC Foundation, whose goal this year is to:

“Maintain the highest standards for the treatment of children in paediatric and oncology wards, as well as providing decent healthcare for the elderly”

This spectacular event was extremely colourful, with a joyous mix of music. We had the pleasure of seeing many elite artists who with their talent, vigour and imagination, delighted our audience.

We started early on Saturday by lyrical reflection on a subject close to our hearts – emigration as set by Czesław Mozil. In his specific style, Mozil invited us to a “conversation” about the essence of Polishness. His infectious sense of humour effectively lightened this potentially heavy subject.

On Sunday afternoon, children went to Smurf Disco, where our youngest participants were able to let off steam and dance. We were surrounded by happy smiling and painted faces. If anyone sought more attractions, they could, together with their parents, participate in numerous competitions and games  prepared by the St. Francis Polish School in Erith. We had a lots of fun.

The part for adults started with compilation of ever green hits by a group calle OUT. Musicians quickly won our hearts and successfully convinced the audience to sing along.

The young and vibrant band Kabanos performed next. The incredible energy of artists in conjunction with their catchy melodies and often abstract texts created an explosive mix. Judging by the reaction of the audience, the band gained many new fans that day.

At the main hall dancing parades were in full swing, with people dancing to music created by the virtuosity of our DJs, under the direction of Maciej Subsar.

During the climactic moment of the concert, which is the Light to Heaven, was enhanced with a beautifully made piece called Moja i Twoja nadzieja performed by the excellent Nika Boon. In this unforgettable moment you could feel the collective spirit of the Orchestra that has been raising funds for charity for us for over 20 years.

Krzysztof Skiba’s ability to eject words rapidly is legendary. It was therefore an extraordinary pleasure to participate in an auction conducted by this excellent showman. The most popular item this year was a cake in a shape of boobs which was auctioned for the sum of £1000.

Big Cyc band did not require any introduction. The audience had prepared them enthusiastic ovation at the entrance. Musicians have not disappointed the lofty hopes pinned on them. They created for us an incredible show including hits such as Rudy sie zeni, czy Swiat Kiepskich.

Hurricane of Hearts had already a great pleasure to host Michal Jelonek on the GOCC Finale in London. This time, he came to us as a member of the Hunter band, whose performance crowned our event. The incredible power of Hunter’s music immediately filled the space. The audience went wild under the stage, including a large group of fans who flight from Poland just to see them. The 23rd Finale finished with a great band and a great style!

The event would not happen without the hard work, enthusiasm and imagination of the organizers of the project – Dagmara Chmielewska and Kuba Smolarek from Hurricane of Hearts. For all of us it was a day full of excitement, unforgettable experiences and fun! We will play with the orchestra until the end of the world and one day longer!!! – Announced the creators of the London Finale.

We count on them!

See you next year!!!

Sie ma!

Anna Ciecierska