What a busy week!

After a very intensive period filled with preparations for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity we would like to announce that our concert is ready. Posters, designs, artists and the venue – all we need to have a great time 12th of January 2014. Does it mean that Hurricane of Hearts will rest now? I don’t think so… Thanks to the long term relationships that we have establish during last few years all preparations went smoothly. That’s why we are happy and rested, that’s why we are ready for our new project!

Hurricane of Hearts has decided to dig a little bit into the history of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. What have we found? Surprise: the roots of our greatest Polish charity movement lay in London! Exactly – in the Great Ormond Street Hospital. A Long time ago a couple of Polish doctors went to the aforementioned institution. They were amazed by the great work that was being done thanks to people’s donations and the hard work of all the staff of the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.

Inspired by that great work, after returning to Poland they contacted Jurek Owsiak with the idea of bringing to life a similar institution in Poland. That is how the Great Orchestra of Christmas charity was created.

Last week Hurricane of Hearts visited the Great Ormond Street Hospital. We were taken for a tour around the hospital. It was absolutely astonishing to observe how much have been done thanks to people donations. Still, the work haven’t been finished. That’s why Hurricane of Hearts decided to make the event for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity their new project.

We live in London, we work in London and if our children ever got ill they would be treated in London – in the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Let’s make sure that they get the best care possible.

So now it is official – an event which again will open our hearts and make us feel this amazing atmosphere of love, care and good will from all the people that are surrounding us is approaching! Don’t miss it – June 2014.