A concerto fantastico is just behind us! Thanks to Agnieszka Koba, who has made her spectacular debut organising events, we had an amazing evening! The Taste of Woodstock Festival has provided a performance of four brilliant rock bands who made us dance… and sing… and jump around and scream and enjoy ourselves in every possible way!

We had the pleasure to host:

• Zulu

• Zepher

• Myernark

• The Distorting Glass.

All of the concert was led by energetic presenter Anna Ciecierska whose enthusiastic attitude was contagious among the audience.

An extra attraction for the evening was the opportunity to vote for the best band. The lucky winner is going to perform at The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in January (the biggest Polish charity event in London). Apart from the superb music show by our guests, we were entertained as well by two exquisite comedians Sheraz Yousaf and Omar Hamdi. Those two make us laugh till our stomachs hurt.

The idea of The Taste of Woodstock Festival was to pass on a bit of flavour of the 3 day Woodstock Festival in Poland – an amazing event gathering together thousands of people who enjoy the idea of Peace Love & Music!

Hurricane of Hearts is going to be there! – join us!!!