Our organization breaks the records each year and raises more money for the purchase of medical equipment. Every year the number of volunteers is higher! We are inviting you to become a volunteer, just register at http://hurricaneofhearts.com/vol/

2012 – 80
2013 – 100
2014 – 150
2015 – 217

We have been playing for The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for the past 5 years.

Here is a list of bands that had played for us so far:
My Riot – Glaca
Poparzeni Kawa Trzy
Ja mmm Chyba Sciebie
Bartek Wrona
Wojtek Medynski
Robert Leszczynski
Majka Jezowska
Big Cyc
Czarno Czarni
Czeslaw Mozil
Luiza Staniec
Marek Sosnicki
Marcin Mrozinski

They were very great concerts. Soon we will tell you who will be our next stars during the 5thFinale of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity J

Follow our pages and have fun with us J  Remember that we are meeting every Tuesday at 19:00